Do You Have These Worries In Traffic? It May Be Time To Get Help With Your Anxiety

For most motorists, being stuck in traffic isn't an enjoyable thing. Sitting stationary on the highway while you think about where you're supposed to be and what you're supposed to be doing can certainly get on your nerves, but you may also accept that heavy traffic can just be a part of driving. As you sit, you might start to feel extremely anxious, which will make this experience even worse. Traffic jams can bring out anxiety for a lot of people, and perhaps make you aware that you need some help. If you're constantly going over the following worries when driving in traffic, an anxiety therapist can help you.

How Late Will I Be?

There's little question that heavy traffic can make you late, but most people who are stuck in traffic are resigned to the fact that they'll just arrive a little after they originally thought. Making a quick phone call can often let your boss, family, or whoever else know that you're stuck in traffic, and this may calm your mind. There are some people, however, who will get extremely anxious about the idea of being late, and can get themselves more and more worked up the longer they sit in traffic.

What If Something Goes Wrong With My Car?

You might notice your anxiety increasing as you sit stationary in a pack of cars, wondering about any vehicle troubles that you might experience. For example, if you're someone with a high degree of anxiety, you might fret over running out of gas if your tank is half empty. Or, you might wonder if something on your car could break as you idle, causing you to be stranded and perhaps make all of the other motorists mad at you. Such concerns can pass through anyone's mind, but if this is a constant theme for you whenever you're in traffic, it could be a sign of your battle with anxiety.

Has Someone Been Hurt In An Accident?

It's natural to wonder about the cause of the traffic backup, but this is only a passing thought for most motorists. Someone with anxiety may get extremely anxious wondering why the traffic is stopped, and come up with a variety of disturbing conclusions. For example, you might wonder if there's an accident ahead in which people are injured. Or, you might wonder what other bad things could have happened to change the flow of traffic. If you notice that a lot of anxiety is present when you're stuck in traffic, it can be a good indicator that you have some sort of anxiety disorder and could benefit from professional anxiety counseling.